Sunday, May 31, 2009

You Can't Call it a Dollar Store if it Doesn't Cost a Dollar!

Ok, we all know the Dollarama is now selling stuff for $1.25 or $2. Why? How come two months ago it was worth a dollar but now it's worth more? AND how do you decide what should cost more? Let's be serious everything in the store is either discontinued shit from other companies that you bought for a pittance, or it was made for "Dollarama" in China. Actually the same stuff is sold at the Everything for a Pound Store in the U.K., The 100 Yen Store in Japan, etc. The same children are making this "crap" for worldwide distribution. And hey, admit it, if it weren't for child labour laws in China we wouldn't have half of what we own, so get over it. But I always used to sing "When you're alone and life is getting you down you can always the Dollar Store!". We all do it. Heck I know multi millionaires who do (well one, but she does do it). Now, I don't know, it's still a deal, but I just don't spend as much. $5 doesn't buy me as much useles shit joy anymore. Maybe their marketing team needs to re-think things, 'cause if it doesn't cost a dollar, the Dollarama name doesn't carry the same spark.
Of course if you follow that logic you also shouldn't be able to buy multiple things for a dollar....So I'll shut up now lest that ends up being trashed too!
Oh Dollarama, why did you have to change?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

People use Parking Lots Too!

Are you a driver or a pedestrian? Have you ever tried walking through the parking lot of a shopping centre? Chaos! When I got my liscence it was still a law that one had to indicate before turning. Apparently this is not the law when it comes to pedestrians. Yes we need to indicate where we are going- that's not what I mean. Drivers just don't seem to think it worth the effort to use their indicator when they are faced with a pedestrian. Holy bad timing Batman! You are in a vehicle made of steel that could crush me so easily; I am not.
When it's raining or snowing, it's even worse. Now I'm freezing, cold, and wet while trying to play dodge-car through a parking lot. Just hold steady Trigger- all I need is some catfood, this can't be that hard. Flick the switch, let me know what's up. Or hey- INDICATE that I can go and get out of the storm.
Regardless of the weather, at the end of the day you're sitting in a climate controlled, moving, musical, little bit of comfort and you scare me.