Monday, June 1, 2009

CTV, Get Over Yourself Bitch!

Ok, I've done my homework. According to Stats Canada 87% of Canadians have cable TV as of 2005. Who's with me on the fact that this percentage has unlikely decreased? I didn't care for cable much 4 years ago, now it's digital or nothing. It's cheaper today to have cable than ever if you take into account the fact that most people have bundles for their phone and internet too. Bear with me, I'm just laying some groundwork.

So now you- CTV are asking cable providers to pay for what is free to every Canadian with a television. Huh? Not only that, you're reporting this as news! Dudes, if anything the real news has to be unbiased! Or did we stop being a democracy at some point and I missed it? We do have something called the CTRC and I hope they grill your ass over some burning coals. Not only that it's in the charter that cable providers have to air CTV, CBC, and Global. Mind you, CBC and Global don't seem to have any problem with this situation. I wonder why? Could it be that they didn't overbid on the Olympics? Maybe it's the fact that they don't pay millions of dollars to air American shows that are aired on other channels- that would be cable (the thing that at least 87% of Canadians have)? So now you want someone else to pay for your bad business sense. Too bad fuckers, why don't you try making better Canadian shows? Or would that mean having to be creative and working hard. Well we wouldn't want you to do that. No really we don't, so far you have pulled off few stellar attempts. Hey I'm not saying there's anything wrong with Southland, but Instant Star? Instant change the channel.

But what's even more baffling is you want your own owners to pay themselves. That's right- Bell Canada; the largest cable provider in Canada owns 20% of your ass. This is how I think of it: I have a phone and I own it, but I don't own the line. I don't make myself pay me everytime I use it. I pay for the privilege of having the damn thing hooked up to something that links me to the world. So wouldn't it make sense that you pay the cable companies to air your channel? But you don't have to, the CTRC made it so.

This is what I think should happen. Cable companies should have the option to pay to air you if they want to, or drop you all together. That means that, as I repeat myself, over 87% of Canadians can unhook their cable and plop some bunny ears on if they want to watch CTV. Hmmm, how many people are going to do that? Anyone? Right- the Live at Five die hards. Do they even exist?

So that's it bitch, get over yourself. Britney Spears didn't embarras herself as much as you are.

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